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    Smile Circuit City........

    I know Circuit City is an electronics store, and I usually tell people to go to reputable/professional dealers (like B&H). I still strongly recommend purchasing equipment from a reputable dealer such as B&H especially if you are new to photography and not familiar with equipment. I would still only purchase a dslr from B&H.

    However, fair is fair, and I have to be honest and say that I had a very good experience at Circuit City last night. This is the 2nd good experience btw. You do have to be careful to choose the right salesperson, and not be afraid to ask for someone else if you think the person you're dealing with isn't knowledgeable and/or experienced.

    The salesman I had last night was knowledgeable and did not pressure me. Their price for the A80 & S400 was $399. When I told him B&H price was $359 for the A80, he immediately said he would match their price on both. He explained the 14 day return policy and said if I didn't like it for any reason, I could bring it back with no questions asked. I was told a few months ago this is their new policy - they don't give you a hard time when you return something anymore, and there is no more restacking fee (they used to charge 15% for any returned items that are not defective).

    BTW, on their website Circuit they have a review section, and I found 33 reviews for this camera. Many reviews are not from pros, but some were, and they were all excellent.

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