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    Studio continuous lighting

    Any recommendations for a studio continuous lighting setup? My wife has moved into the semi-professional ranks of digital portraits (mostly babies, young children and some family portraits) and the Home Depot work lights no longer suffice. I know little about photography and am just the set-up man/mule. We are considering the Westcott Spiderlite TD Trio or the ALZO 600-EX 3-light kit. Thanks.

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    Re: Studio continuous lighting

    The Alzo kit is ~$1300. If you are willing to spend that much I would highly recommend you look at the Alien Bee strobes.

    I used continuous lights for a year and a half but once I moved on to strobes there is no looking back.

    One thing to keep in mind, continuous lights are okay for products shots. Your speed is going to be under 1/100, not idea for portraits.

    Cheers, Don

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    Re: Studio continuous lighting

    Don is right. I just got rid of my continuous light system go with the strobe there are some fairly good prices out there

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