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Thread: Seamless down!

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    Seamless down!

    Hey Folks,
    Well, i think its about time I invested in a non drive side compatible bike stand. Today, while shooting photos of the new Opus Nelson 1 I had a nice little incident. Had the bike simply leaned up against our stand, the same way I always do it. Setup the shot, turned my back, and I hear RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

    Turned around and this was the outcome. 8 feet of black backdrop wasted. Not the end of my day but man did it suck :P

    Figured I would share my story

    Oh, and seeing as this is a photography forum here's the bike I shot!

    Shot with 4 hot lights. 2 in overhead, and 2 standalone. One to photog's left low, one to photog's right higher and angled in same direction as fork/headtube.


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    Re: Seamless down!

    Yep. Pretty common mishap. IMO, anything that doesn't involve breaking glass I can deal with...

    Nice shot...
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    Re: Seamless down!

    The bike looks a bit dark to me in that image. You might try moving the lights out a little wider because it looks like it's falling off on the wheels. It's nice you've got room for the light above. I don't have that high of a ceiling.

    Like I said on Twitter, I hang them with fishing line (see photo below). It is a bit of work and you need some burly fishing line. The Canfields told me that the factory they use in Taiwan has a really cool, fast system for hanging bikes for photos. I should see if they can get me photos of it or find out if it's something that can be bought.

    I wonder what other kinds of studio disaster photos might be out there...

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