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    remote triggering promaster 7500DX

    Is there any way to remotely trigger my Promaster 7500DX, besides slave???

    I dont want to use any other flash to trigger it because i only want one flash to pop.

    This flash unit does not have any sync cord input. the only way to connect anything to this thing is via the hot-shoe.

    I looked at pocket wizzards but it looks like you have to connect them with a sync cord.

    Are there any remote triggering devices that have a hot shoe for the flash to fit into?

    I hope i explained this well enough.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Re: remote triggering promaster 7500DX

    2 options:

    1) There should be a radio slave device out there that will utilize your flash's hotshoe. Sorry I can't give recommendations but I'm pretty sure they exist.

    2) Cheaper route is to buy a little device that slides onto the hotshoe mount of your flash and has a sync cord built in. I bought mine from Ritz for maybe $5 I think!

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