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    Red puples in siamese cat

    :mad2: If anyone can help me out with this I would be indebted to you for life every picture I take of my siamese cat his pules are red I have tried red eyed deduction and it looks worse then the red eye is there a program out there I can use the list I have used already is HP photoshre, kodac software microsoft picture it, microsoft digital standard. if there is a better one please tell me..

    Thanks Gary

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    Re: Red puples in siamese cat

    I'd recommend shooting your cat in brighter lighting situations, maybe with a tripod and NO flash, or diffuse your flash by placing a few layers of tissue paper in front of it. I've found good results shooting my cat with a flash if I diffuse the flash.
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    Re: Red puples in siamese cat

    The Yuckster is exactly right. It is much easier to avoid the circumstances that cause redeye, mainly direct flash aimed straight at the eyes from a close distance. Can't imagine your cat is too thrilled with this, either.

    OTOH, a relatively easy way to eliminate it from existing photos (assuming you know basic photoshop) is to draw a feathered selection around each eye (on a seperate layer), fill them with a solid color, deselect, change the layer blend mode to color, and lower the layer opacity until it looks natural. :thumbsup:

    BTW, welcome to the site...:cornut:
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    Re: Red puples in siamese cat

    Red eye (or green eye in some animals) is caused by the reflection of the camera flash off the retina.

    The easiest way to get rid of red eye if you have a camera that has an external (not built in, hotshoe type) flash is to get the flash away from the axis of the lens. A flash bracket is a good way to move the lens off axis and still have a compact single unit.

    They make flash brackets with digital flashes for cameras that do not have a hot shoe for external flash. They trigger off the builtin flash. When you use those type of flash units try to shield the camera flash from hitting the subject directly but still allow the built in to trigger the slave flash.

    Also if you have a hot shoe external flash mounted to camera and it has tilt/swivel capabilities, bounce the flash off the ceiling or walls. That way the flash is not reflected directly back at the camera. Bounced flash also softens the light and makes for better light. The only caveat here is you need walls close enough to the subject and they need to be white.

    Hope this helps

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