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    Question Recomend a backdrop for working w/ dogs


    Can anyone suggest a back drop materiel that will hole up to dogs, even if they are dirty? It also needs to be somewhat portable, washable, light on wrinkles and white.:yikes:
    I like the vinyl back drops, but they can be pricey and hard to travel with. I am looking for at least an 8x10. Any homemade ideas would also be welcomed.


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    Re: Recomend a backdrop for working w/ dogs

    No expert here but how about white canvas. I did a bit of googling and see several stores with this being one of them

    Tarps plus, another store, has drastically reduced prices.
    I found no ratings on these stores so use your judgement about ordering on line.
    May be available at local art supply dealers.
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    Re: Recomend a backdrop for working w/ dogs

    I have used a couple white tri-fold presentation boards in a pinch. Get a couple of those and pair them together.

    Heres an example of what I did with the white tri-fold. Really, anything solid white that stands up behind them will work, adjust levels in pp, make it solid white, then apply gradient filters, colors, colors gradients, etc. Keep in mind, the folds on the board are *very* easy to shop out, the whole goal after all is a solid hot white background, you can simply paint over them.

    Of course - its also hard to get it to work if you're using ambient light or a single on-camera flash. I would only recommend if you're using some wireless strobe setup. If possible, use a second or third wireless strobe to completely blow out the white background.

    *edit - oh wow! Just checked the date of the original post. Thats OLD! Whats up with this forum? Nobody wants to post in 'studio and lighting' apparently. Anyway, hope I helped, as late as it was...
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