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    Question about e-500 and studio lighting

    Hello everyone.

    I have an Olympus e-500 digital SLR. Is there anyone here who has tried using that camera for studio lighting? I just got a lighting kit that has:

    • A Master/Slave Flash with 10' PC Sync Cord
    • A Slave Flash
    • Two A/C Swivel Umbrella Adapters
    • Two 7 ft Light Stands
    • Two 32" umbrellas

    However I really don't know much about how to get it up and running yet. But I ran into a problem right off the bat. I don't think that my e-500 has a place to plug in the sync cord for the flash! Is it there somewhere but I'm just missing it? And if it doesn't have one, is there some kind of adapter I can get?

    Also, since I'm new at the studio lighting thing, from the list provided above does that sound like I have everything I need, or is there still something I'll need to get?

    Any help or information would be appreciated!

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    Re: Question about e-500 and studio lighting

    Wien makes a hot shoe adapter, check the Olympus web site, they have it listed among their accessories.

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