I'm seriously considering the purchase of the new Profoto D1 500Ws Studio Strobe Kit but without practical knowledge of wireless triggers and extended experience of the studio workflow, I cannot, even to a minor degree, sway myself to adopting Air or to forego this option.

The kit with built-in Air is ~$300 more than the one without but if I go for the latter and decide to add Air in the future, the price to add Air would be substantially more than $300.

I have a small studio setup and I don't plan on porting the equipment outside of it in the immediate future.

I'm concerned about the proprietary nature of the system but I am somewhat assured of its quality due to the backing of the Profoto name.

There aren't any independent reviews that I could find on the web being that it is such a new product and so I don't have other opinions to weigh in which makes the decision that much more difficult.

I would love to hear your opinions and other considerations that will help with this decision.

Also, what light meter can I use in conjunction with the wireless sync? Prior to considering Air, I was considering the Sekonic L-358, but I'm not sure if this is still the best option when used in conjunction with the Air technology (if it is wirelessly compatible at all).

Finally, this kit will give me 2 strobes, and I'll want to invest in another 2-3 in the near future, if I go with Air initially, do I need to buy additional strobes with Air support or can I mix-n-match those with and without?

---To Air or Not to Air?