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    One of my first portraits

    Hi guys, i'm debating whether to buy a 50mm 1.4 prime for my Pentax K100D

    i've got a Sigma 18-200mm which i used for this, i think it was taken at about 70mm

    and heres a picture of one of the first photos i ever took with it

    it was indoors and horrible low lighting, just it he bathroom, so i decided to move her to the window and got her to do 'girl with a pearl earring' look but she didn't quite get it


    love to know what you guys think


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    Re: One of my first portraits

    Nice portrait. Not bad at all for one of your firsts, especially in a bathroom with bad light. I have a Nikon 50 1.4 and love it. It's a great portrait lens. I would say you probably wouldn't be disappointed with it.

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    Re: One of my first portraits

    I LOVE natural lighting!!!

    It's brilliant for a first. My firsts were awful lol.

    Great clarity! Lovely colours!

    There are a few hotspots on her face.
    You could have got away with taking her away from the window a little, (not too much though), or adjusting your exposure. I noticed your SS was set to 1/15 (how you got such a clear shot at that is beyond me lol), so set your shutter a little higher.

    Also, if you don't have a reflector YOU could wear a white T-shirt or even have a white sheet to her left, it would help to reflect some of the light back onto the shaded part of her face.
    Don't get rid of the shadow completely though, you wouldn't want your lighting to look flat.

    Your composition is pretty good, although, I would prefer to see more space in front of her, maybe get the window in shot and have her gazing out the window?

    I'd love to see more if you try out any of my suggestions.
    A great first shot IMO. :thumbsup:

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