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    need info on what to buy

    I will be buying lights this month and trying to figure out which way to go. Umbrella's or soft boxes. I was told alien bees are the way to go. Im thinking about radio poppers. but I want something portable. oh yeah Im cheap also
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    Re: need info on what to buy

    If you haven't checked out the strobist site you need to. Excellent way to have portable lighting at a reasonable cost.

    Secondly, if you haven't done some research into lighting and techniques do so before you buy. It will save you money if you buy what you need to do the job that you want done.

    Paul Buff makes some good lighting equipment. Alienbees have a good reputation and a decent cost. If you want to go to a higher level his White Lightining brand is excellent at a cost of course. If you go the Alienbee route take a look at his wireless triggers. Radio poppers will do nothing with studio lights. They are an ettl trasmitter/range extender for either Canon or Nikon off camera flashes. For studio lighting, pocket wizards are the current standard, but other companies make good stuff as well. Several people I know use Elinchrom, Skyports. Cheaper and very reliable.

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