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    lighting question

    Hey everyone I have a question about lighting. I'm very in the dark about how to properly light certain locations with a minimal lighting package and still be creative. I really like this photo I saw on this site The F STOP. The photo really stood out to me. Do you all think the photographer's lighting method worked well with the final outcome? What is a good lighting package to shoot interiors on a very small budget?

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    Re: lighting question

    Can't see the photo, so we can't comment.
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    Re: lighting question

    Mike, click on the word photo, it's a link.
    gordan, I think the photo and photographers result was very effective, but it was an elaborate set up with trampolines, soft box lighting and lots of editing afterwards. when you say "shoot interiors on a very small budget" that is a bit vague and does not seem to have much relevance to the photo you linked to. Elaborate on what it is exactly you want to do.
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    Re: lighting question

    On the rare occasions I use a light, it's one, with a giant softbox. But I'm lighting people.

    If you are looking to light interiors, you may need more than one. Although I'm pretty sure Steve did something with a bar where he did multiple exposures for different light sources, and stacked the images together, then pulled thru what he wanted from each.

    I think the best thing to do with lights, when you are just getting started, is to start with one. Master that, add another, and continue on that way.

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