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    Lets see some homemade lighting modifiers!

    Here is my favorite that I've come up with. I was getting a 4 light setup for a shoot we were going to have with pets at my warehouse, and realized I only had 3 strobes & 1 hotshoe flash. I had 2 strobes at about a 45 degree angle from the camera as main/fill, and the third was above & behind where the dogs would be for a hairlight.

    Last light I wanted was a background light, using the hotshoe flash. The hotshoe flash was giving me a really broad type of lighting, and I wanted a nice round flash on the background. As I started digging around looking for anything that would work, I realized I ate at Wendy's the day before and the cup looked like it might work.

    So I cut the bottom off of it, did a few test shots & loved it. Adding a little duct tape to control the spill of light, and it worked out beautiful.

    Here is the light of the setup, a Nikon SB-800 triggered with a pocketwizard (pic 1), the light on the background (The lens flare disappeared when I taped up the cup (pic 2), and the final shot (with my trusty model)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Lets see some homemade lighting modifiers!-2007-03-26-006.jpg   Lets see some homemade lighting modifiers!-2007-03-26-008.jpg   Lets see some homemade lighting modifiers!-4-all4.jpg  
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