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    just getting started

    I have wanted to start my own home portrait studio in my garage. I have Nikon D80, SB-800 speed light and an affordable light kit (consisting of 2 - 12 inch reflectors and 1 - 5 inch hair light reflector, a small soft box and 2 shoot thru umbrellas the KT900) I am using 2 - 250 watt and 1 - 500watt ECA photo flood bulbs. My problem is that the pictures have a yellow tint to them
    I have used white, black and gray back drops all get the same yellow tint. I can adjust these using the new adobe lightroom but it would be nice to not have to do that all the time.
    Do I have the right lights? Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated! I just found this community and have not had a chance to read through many threads so I'm sorry if this is a repeated question.

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    Re: just getting started

    If you're getting that yellow tint, you could just get a grey card and do a custom white balance on the setup. Then you're color should come out perfect.

    Also, if you use your flash while using the lighting kit, that can also add a different color light to the scene
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