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    How to trigger Speedlites + Bowens 500


    I have 2 Bowens 500 and 2 580ex.
    - on location, I trigger wirelessly (master/slave) the speedlites
    - in the studio, i use a pc cord to trigger the Bowens (1 is triggered wirelessly)

    I would like to set up 4 lights int he studio but the Bowens do not trigger the speedlite.
    I do not want to use the speedlite to trigger the Bowens because I want the speedlites off camera.

    What are my alternatives?
    I do not want to buy a wireless system right now, maybe it will come later, once I have the budget (I will go for pocketwizard)
    - Can I use a speedlite to trigger the bowens and other speedlite?
    - Can I use a pc cord for the Bowens + a TTL cord for one of the speelite at the same time?

    Many thanks in advance for your inputs


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    Re: How to trigger Speedlites + Bowens 500

    Hey k21k, welcome to the forums. Now, first things first. You seem to say that you've used both the Bowens and Speedlites triggered wirelessly. Can we assume then that all of your flashes have built in slaves?

    If so, my advice would be to sync one of the Speedlites off-camera with the pc cord, and use that flash to trigger all the others via their slaves.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if there are other circumstances with the lights that wouldn't make this setup possible...
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