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Thread: Help me spend!

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    Help me spend!

    Looking for some advice on lighting. I have been told that I can upgrade our current studio lighting to what I have been fighting for. Well, that time has come at last and now Im not sure what I want. I shoot primarily products on a Calumet photo table. This is fairly new and I love it. Shots have improved considerably. My lights consist of 2 Lowel V Lights through white translucent umbrellas and a Lowel tota light over head on a boom through the same umbrella. Small clamp light under the table. I am ready to take our product shots to a new level and they my company I work for want to start taking those stylized shots. At this point I am pretty sure I need to go to softboxes now with higher wattage lights. I get a lot of light spill with the umbrellas. Is there a kit that anyone can reccomend? Also, should I now go to a strobe instead of continous light? Please help... this is my chance and I want to spend wisely.

    Thanks Chris

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    Re: Help me spend!

    If you really do have money to spend and want a pro system that will work flawlessly every time, and is portable... I can highly recommend the Broncolor a2r mobil system. B&H has a deal on it right now where they'll throw in a second head (strobe). Reasons to buy it? It will produce the exact same color cast every single time (big big problem with cheap monolights like alien bees) It is bulletproof. It's backward compatible with every other Broncolor power pack, head, & modifier they've made for the last 30+ yrs (so if you find something used on ebay cheap, you know it'll be compaible) The downside? price. The kit mentioned above runs @ $3,600 unless you can produce teacher or student credentials, then take 40% off that price. I have used this system for product shots and it is truly awesome

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