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    got me some lights

    well, okay, one light.

    I commited to a project, which I will be doing in January, for which I have no other options but to use studio lights. I got a 4'x6' softbox from Larson, along with thier ginormous reflector, and picked up a Bee from a friend of mine.

    Spent the weekend in South Dakota getting crash course, and have a month or two to play with them make sure I get the results I want. Prepare to be bombarded.
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    Re: got me some lights

    How cool!!! I can't wait to see some of your results!

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    Re: got me some lights

    I'm anxious to see some results too. I bought a small light box setup with a couple of light recently but haven't really done a lot with it yet. I keep looking at Bee's I know they are in my future somewhere just not sure when.
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    Re: got me some lights

    I thought my 3' x 4' softbox was huge, that 4' x 6' has got to be enourmous!

    I just picked up a 32" x 32" softbox, and love it.
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    Re: got me some lights

    That's great. You won't be disappointed with a Bee. I have two of them and love them. I wouldn't mind having that size softbox though. Only annoying thing is keeping that cable in the camera.

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    Let the fun begin...

    Quote Originally Posted by adina
    I got a 4'x6' softbox from Larson, along with thier ginormous reflector, and picked up a Bee from a friend of mine...
    Cool. I don't know what you'll be shooting, but keep in mind when it comes to SBs, bigger isn't always better. A super duper large SB can be real pain to use when space is at a premium, and the light (usually) needs to be proportionally stronger to really take advantage of it.

    BTW, that's another reason I recommend light panels...
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    Re: got me some lights

    What type of shot are you setting up? I'll be getting a 30 x 60 inch box and a 60 inch umbrella for fill to shoot some dance school portraits shortly. Which Bee are you running? With a SB that large, the head bees at corporate suggest the at least the 800. I use the 1600' s, so shouldn't have any problems. Light panels are also a great idea. I have a fold out 4 x 6 ft diffuser that works well with a stand when shooting interviews, we just run a few lowel hot lights, one high and one low to get a nice daylight effect when shooting in a windowless and dark studio.

    I love my alien bees and am looking to add a pair of 800's to the existing pair for background and hair lighting with some grids.

    Good luck with the shoot.
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