Entering June, Google Pixel from the 3rd generation and up has received เกมส์ยิงปลา special features under the Pixel Feature Drop program that provides new features and doesn't come only with security patches, with a fairly large size. Secondly, there are many features added, 154MB in size.

Shooting Timelapse for Astrophotography Will add a feature to shoot the top from shooting the stars. But if adding this feature is equal to you in Night Sight mode works with Tripod because it has to shoot Timelapse.
Locked Folder works with Google Photos, keeping secret photos from being displayed through the Memories feature, for example.
Answer/hang up call. End call with Hey Google command instead of pressing answer.
Heads Up System reminds you if you play with your phone while walking or not. The system will notify you from time to time that we need to look the way first.
Recoder converts audio to text with more support such as English, Singaporean, Australian, Irish accents. Expected to be used in this July.

It also has a lot of features such as car crash detection, Call Screen check if incoming calls are ads or spam, and there is also a new Gboard update. and a new warning sound However, some features are available in Thailand and cannot be used. Feature updates will begin with Pixel 3 onwards.