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    Doubling up Background Material - Adapter?

    Hey folks,
    So here's my predicament. A short while back we got a full studio setup (lights, stands, backdrops, ect) but its come time to start looking at more efficient ways of dealing with things. One thing that has constantly aggravated me was changing out backdrops all the time. We shoot between a white and a black, but it sucks big time changing them out!

    Is their any style of adapter you can get that either slides over the existing setup, or clamps onto the background stand that would allow us to run another roll of paper?
    I have found kits that INCLUDE this kind of item, but no one that sells it on its own. Fabbing up something like this would not be a problem, but if we can get something designed for it that would work to

    Any idea's?

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    Re: Doubling up Background Material - Adapter?

    You can buy the Bogen autopole holder hook seperately. These brackets allow multiple bg paper rolls on a single stand. Google "bogen autopole holder hook" to see buyng options.

    If you're not already using Bogen autopoles (which are indeed expensive), you should be able to clamp the holder hooks onto your existing stand, assuming its sturdy enough...
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    Re: Doubling up Background Material - Adapter?

    Jordan I have a couple of autopoles sitting in my closet, not sure if they'll reach the ceiling of your studio, how tall is it?

    then you would want a set of Expan 046 for each roll of paper and the roll paper holders that hold 3 rolls and come complete with superclamps, part number B/P Clamps 044. It'll cost a bit and there are cheaper ways of doing it.

    I've attached the relevant pages from the Manfrotto background support catalog for your reference. The other option would be to just use B/P triple hooks and screw them to the wall, then use the Expan's to hold the paper as above.

    Give me a call tomorrow or send me an email if you need more help...
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    Re: Doubling up Background Material - Adapter?

    Well would you look at that! I have those same triple hooks and I took a picture of so I could illustrate my post. But Ian went and beat me to it. Thanks, Ian! Maybe you can deliver to Chilliwack, too ;-)

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