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    sony dsc hx9v going on vacation new camera need help with video

    I recently purchased the sony dsc hx9v one of the selling points was the hd recording. We leave on a cruise in a few days, so playing with new camera I shot some video.
    The video plays back on the camera when I take the sd card out and plug into the cpu the pictures are there but the video is not.
    How do you access the video from the card I don't even see a file name for it. It's like it's not there but remove card from cpu and plug back into camera the video now reappears.
    Any help please.....

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    Re: sony dsc hx9v going on vacation new camera need help with video

    Hi, I have this problem too and was hoping to find an answer.

    Bought my HX9v on 9th Feb. I've taken video. Tried to transfer - import with my still pictures but the video isn't there. It's on the camera but not on my Windows Vista. Do I have to do something else? HOpe my question helps the other person too!

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    Re: sony dsc hx9v going on vacation new camera need help with video

    Reading the specifications:
    • 1080i Full HD movie - One-touch record with zoom of high quality Full HD video clips using AVCHD format (1920x1080i), plus many HD playback options
    • 1920x1080 50p Full HD movie - Shoot smooth, cinematic movies in progressive shooting mode: still frames can be captured from recorded video using PMB software
    • PMB (Picture Motion Browser) - Easy-to-use PC software simplifies browsing, management and sharing of photos and video clips

    Makes me thnk that this is all due to the software and the video standard.
    AVCHD might give very good quality, but I hate that you can't just copy the video off the memory card like you can with other cameras.

    The format of the recorded movies is AVCHD or MPEG4.

    • The movie compression format is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264.The format of the recorded audio is Dolby Digital 2ch for AVCHD, and AAC for MPEG4.

    I see it does support MPEG format as well as AVCHD.
    You might have more immediate success with the MP4 format than AVCHD.

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