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    Smile Sony CyberShot T500 Or T700

    Hi there,

    Quite new to the camera scene and was hopeing someone here can give me some advice.
    I am looking for a new compact camera and the T500 and T700 look like they may be the go.

    Read the review on the T700 and have been chasing reviews on the T500.
    I can only see the main difference is that the T500 has a decent Hi Def movie recorder.

    If anyone could give me their thoughts on the above cameras it would be very much appreciated.

    I am aware both are quite new cameras and the T500 just in the bounds of being released.
    It is mainly going to be used for family snaps etc, although the T500 may have the slight edge as it will save me buying video camera.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    With thanks

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    Where are the snobbs live

    Re: Sony CyberShot T500 Or T700

    Hey Sharks!

    I'm in the EXACT same dilemma as you are. But it's not surprising, I bet quite a handful of slim hand held camera lovers are in the same spot as we are. Another difference is that, and I quote from
    HTML Code:
    "The T700 has an insanely sharper Xtra Fine LCD that produces a total of 921,000 pixels, packing four times the resolution of the T500. So that makes quite a difference during photo previews. "

    I love the design of the T700 (and the colors, what can I say, I'm a shallow camera chooser) and its higher resolution is a darn good reason to choose it over T500, because what is a good camera for other than taking the best pictures possible? Sure, the T500 can take a long video and has an extra zoom...and can also TAKE pictures while filming (oh I'm doubting my choice) but the T700 is just so awesome! Either way, I'm a little scared about all that noise, but no camera is perfect, eh?

    Let me know what your thinking so we can go through this pain staking choice together.

    Miss Indecisive

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    Re: Sony CyberShot T500 Or T700

    Hi right now I am using sony cyber shot camera,It has has storage capacity of 2 G.B, But I want to increase the storage capacity more how I can.Is there any possibility ?.or I have to bye new camera.Plz tell me

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    Talking Re: Sony CyberShot T500 Or T700

    Same thing for me too! I went with the T500 because of the 5x zoom and the HD recording! The T700 has a nicer display but i use my computer which has a 32 inch lcd vizio tv as a monitor so i have no need for the upgraded display. The smile feature on the T700 is nice but I take the picture i don't need the camera to do it for me unless there are little kids in the pic because they could be a pain! The grip on the T500 is bigger but the camera is so small the it helps with control!! (glass half full for me!! lol) Also I wouldn't like my camera to have the built in memory because you would have to hook the camera up to the computer! No thanks I like using my universal card reader and organize my pictures and delete them straight from the card. So having the impressive but annoying 4 gigs for me would be a bad move. This is just me and they are my reasons! I enjoyed reading the other posts on this topic so i wanted to add mine two cents!! Either way you are getting a nice camera!!

    Go with the T500 hehehe!!!

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