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    Senior Shooter Greg McCary's Avatar
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    RX1, plenty of punch for a small camera.

    I have been shooting with it for a couple of weeks but have just now added the EVF. The Lens hood is a cheap knock off from Ebay. The grip as well. Sony only offers a thumb rest that mounts via the hot shoe. I would think that the EVF couldn't be used at the same time as the thumb rest. But the grip I got keeps the hot shoe free. Also it is quality made. It feels like aluminum.
    I'll try to get up a review this week end. In the mean time if you have questions feel free to ask.

    Sony RX1 by Cosmonaut's, on Flickr
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    Be serious Franglais's Avatar
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    Re: RX1, plenty of punch for a small camera.

    You've taken a small camera and turned it into - quite a big one. That viewfinder looks fragile, perched on top of the hot shoe. Do you remove it it when you put it in a bag?

    Etc. I would still use a DSLR for this sort of thing.

    Nikon D800, D7200, Sony RX100m3
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    Re: RX1, plenty of punch for a small camera.

    Stunning Capture, Great Pan stitching work Greg...!

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    Nov 2015

    Re: RX1, plenty of punch for a small camera.

    ok i agree with you

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    Apr 2016

    Re: RX1, plenty of punch for a small camera.

    Thanks for this Awesome Post..........

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