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    Sep 2006
    Turner, Maine

    Smile Remote Commander/Alpha 500

    I have an Alpha 500 that am using with a Tamron 28-300 lens for a combination of kayaking and tripod based bird photography,
    I want to get a Remote Commander for use with the tripod but don't know where to begin.
    What are my options? Model numbers, features, etc.
    I don't need anything fancy; just the ability to reliably click that shutter with minimal
    disturbance to the camera.
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    Mar 2006

    Re: Remote Commander/Alpha 500

    Its simple, really. How much distance do you need? Do you need a timer? Do you need wireless?

    If you can work within a cabled range, you can do that anywhere from 3 to 12 feet or so, then get a simple remote tether, I got a few on Ebay from a chinese manufacturer, cheap crap, works great.


    If you need timer functions, for use with timed bulb exposures and precise round the clock timer controls, than you need an intervaluometer remote, which are very similar, with different timer options, usually ~$50, cheap ebay stuff.


    Normally I'm not a cheap stuff kind of guy, but this stuff is so simple, no need to pay the middle man mark-up for the same end product..

    IF on the other hand you need a wireless option, then its similar to the above two, but a wireless receiver in the middle


    Not endorsing those exact ones, just linking to the first quick one, make sure the cable is long enough for your needs and make sure to pick the right one for your intended use. The camera already has a built in 2 second and 10 second self-timer in it, which will work with the simple straight cable remote, you don't need the intervaluometer for 10 second timer. The simple one will also have a switch on it which will allow it to do bulb exposures.

    Granted the intervaluometer is a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but i figured at ~ $50 its worth mentioning.

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    Re: Remote Commander/Alpha 500

    I use the cheap cable remotes more than wireless. I have a 3 foot and a 15 foot. Never had a problem with either one, and they were less than $5 each.

    For wireless I have an older model Apurture brand purchased on Ebay. I have had no problems with it. I bought one of the newer models for my Wife's canon camera, and have had a few problems, but may be from interference. Changing channels usually stops the random shutter actuation.

    Look through the listings on Ebay.

    A quick note on the Remote Commander Infared remote, you have to be IN FRONT of the camera, making it pretty usless to me.

    Good luck,


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    Sep 2006
    Turner, Maine

    Re: Remote Commander/Alpha 500

    Thanks, both. Appreciate the help. Simple cable should do it for me.

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