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“Ya Muang”, the nickname of “Gentian Violet”, has been used since ancient times. It is one of the most common home remedies that parents use for mouth ulcers in young children. But as time goes by There is additional information that purple may not be as safe to use in our health as we think.
“Gene Violet” dangerous and cancer risk or not?
The Children's Doctors Facebook page and the Dog Cat Clinic - San Pa Tong said that the purple drug used to sweep the tongue Treatment of oral thrush of children that we have used for a long time. There have been studies in animals that After using purple medicine for a while This drug can cause cancer in animals. In addition, the use of purple drugs on oral ulcers can irritate the oral mucosa. Making dogs and cats not wanting to eat more food
However, for the dangers that occur to the Facebook page, raising the children as they please, the doctor stated that purple medicine or Gentian Violet. It can be used according to normal instructions as indicated. A link between the use of genial violet and the development of cancer in humans is not yet available. Information that it is carcinogenic was in animal experiments. In particular, mice given “high dose” of genital violet were found to be at risk of developing liver cancer. Hepatocellular carcinoma and thyroid cancer
So for in person Still safe for the body Can be used normally As long as it is used in small quantities according to the bottle indication. And do not use continuously for a long time If using purple medicine and symptoms still do not improve You should consult your doctor for a more effective treatment.
But… medically, I actually used “less” Gentian Violet.
Currently medical, including in Thailand Do not use purple medicine as often as before. There are effective oral antifungal agents such as Nystatin oral suspension by instillation of the buccal pad four times a day for 5-10 days. We have a way to take care of cleaning, make wounds and use disinfectants. สมัคร AMBBET
Therefore it can be concluded that Ya Muang or Gentian Violet It should not be used on animals, for people with concerns that they can avoid substituting other medicines on the market, but can be used from time to time according to the product indications. But should not be used in large quantities Keep in touch for a long time If the current symptoms do not improve Should see a doctor to find out how And drugs that provide better treatment efficacy