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    Photos of the Desert

    Hi everyone

    I am taking a trip to las vegas in feburary and would like some advice on taking photos in the desert. Does anyone have any suggestion on things such as what lens to use and if it is better to take photos in the morning or afternoon

    thanks for your help


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    Re: Photos of the Desert

    Do you have a Sony or KM camera or is this a general photography question? If you're looking for specific Sony or Konica Minolta lens ideas let us know. Regardless, you'll have opprotunities for wide angle and telephoto shots. I've traveled a lot in and around Vegas and I love the desert for photos. Red Rock Canyon, just southwest of Las Vegas is really close and beautiful. Hoover Dam is also a great place to visit and shoot. It's truly incredible.

    Morning or afternoon really depends on your subject and the direction it's facing. For Red Rock Canyon I'd say morning is better because it faces east. Look at maps and plan accordingly. Think about the kind of light you want on your subject and think about when it will be getting that kind of light. North or south facing subjects could be good in the morning or evening. They'll just have shadows going in different directions, depending on what time of day you shoot.

    You might consider making the two hour trip to Zion National Park in Utah, too. I think it's worth the drive.

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    Re: Photos of the Desert

    I took 10-22, 24-70, and 100-400 and found opportunities to use all of them.
    I've been catching up on my January trip (yes that was a while ago) and posting my canyon/desert/dam pictures in the nature and viewfinder forums.

    It was a long drive and an early start, but going las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Grand Canyon and back in a day is just possible. Took two of us sharing the driving. But worth it as we hit the dam at sunrise and sunset to get great pictures there.

    We didn't get to Zion unfortunately.

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    Re: Photos of the Desert

    I've only been to Vegas twice, but I remember all the lights at night. If you have a DSLR, set the ISO at 100, use a fast {2.8 or faster} short zoom, use aperture priority to shoot wide open and find something to brace on. Those brilliant lights should furnish some awsome images.

    I would love to walk the entire blvd at night taking images as I go if I ever get out that way again.

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    Re: Photos of the Desert


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