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Oolong tea is a Chinese tea that has been consumed for a long time. Oolong tea is a popular tea with little consumption. But oolong tea is a tea that has many health benefits, such as helping to increase metabolism. Help reduce stress Hello Doctor will bring you to know Oolong tea benefits Chinese tea, taste soak up the throat Plus good at the fragrance
Until becoming "Oolong tea"
Oolong Tea is a popular tea in China and Taiwan. Drinking tea and brewing tea are cultures in Asia. Making people meet and socialize Although each type of tea is made from the same plant But the process of harvesting, processing, makes each type of tea has different specialties.
Oolong tea is a partially fermented tea. This starts with the harvested tea leaves in the sun for 20-40 minutes. Along with shaking the tea leaves to bruise Which is considered to be only partially fermented
Oolong tea is a tea that has the same amount of caffeine as green tea, about 10 to 60 milligrams per cup or 8 ounces. ambbet