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    Smile My a700 back focusing! But now is fixed

    Well it was. Just yesterday I sat down and really tried to understand why all my lenses auto focus seems to be un sharp. You may remember my previous post where I said that my alpha had tracking problems and most of my photos are blurry. I had a small amount of success on wide AF mode but the success rate of having sharp images was still very low. I decided to test out if I had back focus or front focus problems. I set up five small containers one in the middle the other two coming closer to the lens and the other two going further away from it. I used my 30mm f1.4 on a tripod and made sure the sensor was perpendicular to the center of the container. It showed me that I had large amounts of back focus! I was shocked thinking I would have to send my camera to Sony and I would have to rent a camera for a few weeks. However I found this link It helped me out so much and it was very simple to do. Like the link says there are three screws next to the tripod mount of the camera. There is a plastic sticker, basically take it off and the screws are exposed. The poster said you should do the same amount of turns and in the same direction for all three screws. I messed up on that but no worries; I just turned all the screws clock wise until all of them could not go any further. Finally I twisted each of them the same amount counter clockwise and kept testing my focus until I got it right. That post saved me lots of time and money I’m just happy that my long time auto focusing problems are finally fixed! Now all my lenses are focusing accurately. Btw I removed the battery and switched the power on and off button a few times when I did this, just in case. I also grounded my self and my tools.
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    Re: My a700 back focusing! But now is fixed

    It seems to be an accepted procedure on the Sony/Minolta forums. Congrats on getting it right. - TF
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    Re: My a700 back focusing! But now is fixed

    An interesting exercise and makes you wonder who was sleeping on the "QA bench" when that camera when down the line. You think something like that would have been spotted right away, especially in an a700. I mean, that is one of the better camera lines. (shaking head)

    Glad you got that puppy realigned. :thumbsup:
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