The new Nokia G20 is one of two new series of phones that are positioned as Nokia's mid-range smartphones, the G-series and X-series. slotxo downloadThe new G-series is among the smartphones with the longest battery life. It is Nokia's flagship series of smartphones with a manufacturer's commitment to delivering features. Get the best in the industry to the consumer as possible. The new Nokia G20 captures 48 megapixel images in widescreen, macro and video, plus OZO Audio enhances recorded content. In every moment With a single charge battery, can be used for 3 days

Stephen Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer of HMD Global, said, “Nokia users can trust Nokia phones to deliver a unique, safe and long-term experience. Unique to Nokia from Android OS upgrades and a reputation for battery life. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of our customers for longer by building a phone that everyone can use for longer. With the durability of the phone inside and out What we have achieved with the new Nokia G20 is the development of a truly reliable mobile phone. With up to 3 days of battery life, which means Nokia users don't have to be tied down. With a charging cable all the time "

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The new Nokia G20 can be a creative studio To create work that users can carry in their hands anywhere and anytime Help everyone carry on their imaginations with four stunning 48MP cameras with storage. Big data The widescreen lens creates beautiful images and the macro lens captures the details. Either to capture the big picture Or special moments get sharp It also has a night mode and a portrait mode that is easy to select at your fingertips, while the realistic OZO Audio system can record surround sound. Help keep memories and Bring back memorable moments in every aspect.

Never miss a story with the new Nokia G20's completely redesigned 6.5-inch teardrop display. To meet users' large screen needs for editing applications or reviewing presentation files, the screen also increases the brightness to a reasonable level. For smooth use both during the day and at night.