Walking is an exercise. And believe that many people may not know how to walk To be effective in terms of superslot exercise And today let's see
There are both right and wrong in our walking. Wrong walking affects our posture and breathing. At the same time, it can lead to poor walking and easy injury. Correcting the wrong walking posture to become a personality is possible. But it takes a lot of time and patience.
Start at standing first Should be released comfortably and breathe normally. While walking should look up Look straight as far as possible. Do not walk with your head down, it can cause neck pain and back pain.
Next is Do not walk on your side. Either sideways in or out This is because the ankles and knees are subjected to increased stress and can eventually cause back pain. Should walk with a full foot on the foot line. Then lifted up with the toes off the ground as the last part Imagine that you are pulling your feet off the hard ground in order to move forward. If your feet are still sideways, consult a doctor. It may be advisable to use a molded underlay to fit your feet.

While walking, both hands should loosen. Not clenching and swinging the entire arm for the transmission But if it is walking up the mountain, take short steps to increase your energy, so that you don't get tired.
Those fast-moving racers Sometimes they walk at speeds of up to 14 km / h, which is much faster than normal people. They shake their hips using the muscles of their abs, buttocks, arms and shoulders to power themselves. This walk requires a lot of practice, and if you try it, you should get some special training.
How fast should I walk?
If you want to benefit from walking Will I have to walk fast? Walking keeps muscles and joints ready for use and performs daily activities. A walk in the countryside Walking through the shopping malls Or walking to work All are exercise to help improve health.
But during the week Should do some aerobic exercise. To give the heart The lungs and the circulatory system work well. Adequate adults should walk at a speed of 5 - 6 km / h continuously for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week to benefit. If you feel too heavy, walk as much as you can first. Taking a little leisurely walk is better than doing nothing.
Guidelines for walking exercise
- Should warm the body for various exercises Before setting out for a long walk, your feet are the organs you should take care of.
- Warm up that you do regularly. Should have a stomping position as well
Should start walking slowly First to warm the body in the body And then began to walk faster
- Should slow or stop walking if there is heartburn
- Do not walk too fast Be quick enough to walk and talk to your fellow travelers.
- Do not sit down immediately after a long walk or a long walk, should allow the body to cool down first.
- Do not walk too long. Or increase the distance too quickly The best way to do this is to walk longer and more frequently.