Ten years after its release, Demon's Souls is back and released alongside the PlayStation 5, but while the latest console is in short supply. pgslot เว็บตรง It makes many people miss the opportunity to experience this game for themselves. In addition to the good news that the game may come to the PlayStation 4 that still has a large group of players.

Demon's Souls is considered the birthplace of today's "Soulslike" family of titles due to its difficulty level. And it takes a skillful tactic to fight each enemy and boss. But that is still a favorite of gamers who like to challenge. Thus causing many new Souls games to follow.

Not long ago, a demo of Demon's Souls was discovered in the PlayStation Store database and identified the game as the PlayStation 4 version, which can be seen as a canceled version of the game before it was released for PlayStation. 5 or it may be a sign that the game will come to the PS4 as well as other games.

Godfall, one of the PS5's debut titles, has been announced for the PS4, and in the future, Sony will also feature major titles such as God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West. down in tandem with both consoles In addition to continuing support for the PlayStation 4, releasing the game alongside the two seems to be a better benefit for players and Sony for now as well.