So I live in a 3rd world country,willing to get my first ever camera

and I don't a cheap 1/2.3 cam...I am quite new to this photography

world but very keen about this art..Want to buy a camera and here

Micro four thirds or other Cheap Aps-c's are not so cheap,So I came

by an offer and the person is giving me A NEX-3 camera (Not Nex-

3N/F3 etc) for the price in my budget (note: here the prices differ

from $ pricings so don't offer me something other)...I want to know

should I buy this camera or wait to collect some more money and

buy an Alpha A3000/anything else in my limit...but NOTE that I am

getting this camera at half of the price of it would take a

year or so to collect the is this camera? i know that

sensor tech is quite old as compared to new offerings like A3000/E-

PM2...I am willing to buy a 18-55mm lens kit for it in the coming

years and maybe a 50mm? please help me I am quite confused

should I buy it or not or why should I buy or /not buy it?