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    A100 Viewfinder Needs Centering - Help!

    OK...I am a complete newbie to photography but I have a Sony A100 that I love! The only thing is lately the viewfinder isnt centered on the actualy image the camera takes. Meaning the actual picture is low and left of what you see when you look through the viewfinder! I am hoping this is the stupidest question ever asked do I adjust it so the the two are the same? This is just a recent use to be lined up perfectly.


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    Re: A100 Viewfinder Needs Centering - Help!

    Keep in mind that you wont find total viewfinder accuracy on the A100, I believe its like 85% or so but you gain 15% on the outside. There is no way to adjust the pentaprism, and it could only be that or the sensor in the described issue. Could you post pictures showing what you see in the viewfinder and what you get in an image, the image will be able to help us determine your problem better.

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