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    What's wrong here?

    The past two times I've tried to post, I got a message that these forums require 30 seconds between posts. The thing is, last post before that was a few hours, not seconds! Then it ends up being a double post, when I post it after 30 seconds has gone by.
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    Re: What's wrong here?

    I have gotten that message several times without posting anything prior to that. I close out of that message window and my post shows up in the thread.

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    Re: What's wrong here?

    Yesterday I could not get into PR at all until later in the afternoon. Once I got the message "the server is busy, try again later." The other multiple times I tried, nothing happened - it just would not load after waiting more than a few minutes each time.

    Today it's better - but very slow.

    I'm not having problems with other websites so I don't think it's my computer or browser.


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    Re: What's wrong here?

    We had some server issues yesterday that I am pretty sure have been fixed. The forums were crashing over and over until late afternoon, yesterday. That's an entirely different problem from the 30 seconds error. I've never had the 30 seconds error myself but I've heard of it enough that I know it's a real issue. I'm not sure what causes it but I think someone at the office might know. I'll look into it and see if there's a plan to fix it.

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