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    Update DSLR buying guide?

    I just checked the DSLR buying guide - having recommended it to someone a while ago. While the general message is still true, a lot of the detail is out-of-date.

    Of course all the camera models have changed, the dominant sensor formats have changed, the usable ISO's have increased. Might be a good idea not to be too specific in these areas.

    I was really surprised by the number of manufacturers who have gone out of the DSLR business or been bought up - Sigma, Konica/Minolta, Fuji. Olympus DSLR's are - waiting to find out if they have a future.

    If you made it into an interchangeable lens buying guide you could also bring in mirrorless cameras - though this subject is evolving pretty fast.

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    Re: Update DSLR buying guide?

    Good idea, Charles. That guide is ancient. I actually need to get a mirrorless camera guide up, too.

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