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Thread: tapatalk?

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    I've been stumbling across the tapatalk app lately, and was hoping this forum was on the list. Nope. I'm hoping that perhaps we could be added (its free) as I've noticed more users moving towards smartphones with that ability.
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    Re: tapatalk?

    IMHO, the app is just too obscure for anyone to make the effort. How many people would actually use it? I looked at the web page and yawned! But that's just me...
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    Re: tapatalk?

    Thanks, n8! I think that looks really good. And I am someone who would totally use it. We are in serious need of a vBulletin upgrade, though. I'm guessing the plugin isn't compatible with the version we're using. But it's one more reason for us to get the upgrade done.

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    Re: tapatalk?

    It is been a while since the Tapatalk question was asked.

    I have the app on a Blackberry Torch and use it for other vBulletin sites without problem. It is very fast and user friendly but the uploading of pictures via Tapa is not as easy as from a PC. Considering this site with all the pictures, I dont know if the majority of users will ever use Tapa, but for a quick question, request or search when out in the field it works a treat IMO

    I cant find on it. Is it still not available on Tapa?

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    Re: tapatalk?

    I have Tapatalk on my iPhone and it is a really useful tool for checking the forums out, I use it all the time..

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