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    Replying to threads

    This has now happened a couple of times....

    I usually use the quick reply option to respond to a thread. Sometimes (not always) when I hit the submit button, it goes to the full view page but actually posts the thread as well. At first it looks like I haven't submitted it as all the text is their but all the icon options etc are now visible. If I hit submit again however I recieve a message saying you can't respond so quickly to the thread, yet if I go back to the forums my post is already there.

    I guess this is not a huge issue and it is intermittent but it really shouldn't be happening.
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    Re: Replying to threads

    Just happened to me.

    First it said I had to wait 30 seconds between posts. Huh, this was my first reply to another thread.

    Then after 30 seconds it said it was a duplicate post

    This post worked fine...

    Cheers, Don

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    Re: Replying to threads

    Thanks for reporting this, guys. Some server changes were made recently and this sounds like it could have to do with that update.

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    Re: Replying to threads

    Just an quick note to say it's still exhibiting this behavior... I thought I was on crack or something the first couple of times it did it .....
    It's not about the camera....

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