Welcome to the brand new, vBulletin forums on PhotographyREVIEW.com! Note that the digital forums from PCPhotoREVIEW.com have been combined with the PhotographyREVIEW.com forums to make everything easier to navigate.

All registration data from the old message boards has been copied over to the new vBulletin system. That means your username, password and e-mail address should all be in the new database. If you didn't update your user info in the old system, keep in mind that it was the most recent data that was copied over. As long as you haven't edited your registration data (username/password/e-mail) you shouldn't have any trouble logging in.

Here is the procedure you should use to log in on the new forums:
- Try to log in with the username/password you had on the old forums.
If you find you can't log in, go to the next step - retrieving your password.

- Try retrieving your password. Click on the link below, enter your e-mail address and you'll receive an e-mail with details on how to proceed. You must use the e-mail address you had on file in the old message board system. If you don't have access to that e-mail address anymore, obviously, this won't work. You'll have to skip the password retrieval process and re-register. Hopefully that won't happen.

- Registering a new account:
This will only work if you are using an e-mail address that is not already in our system - otherwise you'll receive a message telling you that your e-mail address is already in use. We only allow one account per e-mail address. If the system tells you that your e-mail address is already in use, it's because your info is already in our new system, and you'll need to retrieve your password as explained in the previous step.

You will be able to post on the Site Feedback forum without logging in. If you aren't able to login after following the above steps, please post any errors you receive on this (Site Feedback) forum so that we can look into the problems. It's better for people to post problems on the new Site Feedback forum instead of e-mailing us. That way other users can view the problems and see the fixes.

We'll leave the old forums open for posting for a couple weeks while everyone gets used to the new ones and we make sure any problems get ironed out. After that time, we'll turn off posting there and everyone can move over to the vBulletin forums. The old message boards will be saved as an archive.

If you're able to login into the new vBulletin forum system and still have complaints, feedback, or questions, please post them on the Site Feedback forum: