Something is going wrong, possibly me.
When I attach images to a post, they are added to the gallery.
But it seems that the gallery images are filed using the filename uploaded.
Which doesn't work when I upload two different versions of the same file!
That's why I say it's possibly me - although the same filename on different days as attachments works OK maybe I'm not meant to upload the same filename more than once to the Gallery ?

Here are the two attachments from the thread:

First from Olympus Viewer 2 on 5/2.

Second from Lightroom on 5/4.

Here are the gallery pages:
new toy photo from the Gallery
Olympus Viewer on 5/2.

new toy photo from the Gallery
Lightroom on 5/4.

As you can see they present the same image!
The image uploaded on 5/2 is the same as uploaded on 5/4 - WRONG !
The thumbnail also wrong, both being without the copyright tag (so from 5/2).

The URLs are for different photos, 186025 and 186089.
But the gallery links are for the same file, which prevents me uploading with the same filename in the forum and having the different attachments preserved in the gallery.