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    Fingers On Buzzers Please

    I notice the word Like at the bottom of each post. Is someone or something deciding to categorize our posts into Like or Dislike boxes?
    Hopefully we are not going down this Gimmicky route.
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    Re: Fingers On Buzzers Please

    Yeah, I noticed them and I was like what is this about? hmm. Maybe we'll find out soon one of these days. If you look up top, there's also a facebook button, a folder with +1 and a tweet box there also. I didn't see those things either. I just hit the like button under the pic just to see what happens.

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    Re: Fingers On Buzzers Please

    Theres also a google +1. I tried it as well but nothing happened. I agree, this like button stuff is silly.
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    Re: Fingers On Buzzers Please

    I'm not sure what its all about either but there was a recent facelift and restructuring given to the site on various levels.
    This would best be brought up in the Site Feedback forum and so i'll move it there and leave the redirect here so that it will still be seen.
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    Re: Fingers On Buzzers Please

    We're doing a lot of work right now getting the site up to current Web standards. Most recently, we added some new code to the forums that puts the titles of forums and threads into the URL - something that is very important for search engine indexing. The "Like" link was an unforseen addition and I believe it is scheduled to be removed. The "social bar" at the top of the pages, on the other hand, will be staying. It offers three options for sharing content on the site - Facebook, Twitter and the Google+ social networking system. Anbesol, if you don't have a Google+ account then I don't believe it will do anything. But these sharing tools are important. For one, they're pretty standard across the Web now and lots of people expect and look for them. And secondly, they allow the community to help spread the word about the site to their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ friends.

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