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    Delete my Account

    Can the admin of this site please close my account and delete all of my photographs as soon as possible. Many of my photos have been stolen from various websites and have been used on music cds, travel websites, etc. I have tried to delete the photos my self but it can only be done slowly - one photo at a time.

    Thank you in advance,
    David Letts

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    Re: Delete my Account

    Please delete my account which includes the following photos: Out of the Shower, True Love, and Legs. TRUE LOVE appears on pages 7 and 29, OUT OF THE SHOWER appears on page 7, and LEGS appears on page 9, and 4. Please help me because I don't even know what the links to these pictures are or where to go to get them. ~~ Tom Dougherty

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    Re: Delete my Account

    I deleted your photos a few hours ago. You're sure you also want your account deleted?

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