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    Where to print large format custom prints?


    I want to print a large format pano print for my folks. The size is 1050mm x 390mm so its not a normal format.

    ok few questions about it..

    A: where do i get it printed? I have been quoted about $100 and dont want to play with bad printers for this price
    B: will the 10mp pic be enough to sustain the quality?
    C: What program do people use to minimise loss when enlarging?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Where to print large format custom prints?

    Welcome to the site. I have some odd sized image that I like to print too. The way I go about is this. I use Photoshop to create a new document, and place my odd sized image on that. For example, I have an image that if I print it at 36" tall, come out to be about 15" wide. Since this is not a standard size print, I create a document in Photoshop that will make a standard sized print at 36". The lab I use offers a print size that is 36x24. I then take my 36x15 image, and place it in the 36x24 image I created. There is some white space on each side of the print which isn't a big deal. I just trim it off when I get the print.

    I also have an image that is about 20x7.8. For this image, I create a document that is 20x16. Then I place 2 copies of my image. This way I get 2 copies of my 20x7.8 image on a single 20x16 print.

    I use for all my printing. They largest they print is 36x24 which is a bit smaller than what you're looking for, but the quality is very good.

    Here are a couple examples of how I set up my odd sized images for printing on standard sized paper.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Where to print large format custom prints?-pewits_pano_final.jpg   Where to print large format custom prints?-crw_3005v2.jpg  

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    Re: Where to print large format custom prints?

    I did a fairly large pano that mpix printed just fine. It was centered with black at top and bottom and I matted/framed it as was.
    Just choose the dimensions that you want and either trim or leave it centered surrounded by black or white. I think I had a choice.
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    Re: Where to print large format custom prints?

    Go to canvas prints - they have some awesome enlarging software. If I could afford it, I would own it!

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    Re: Where to print large format custom prints?

    michael -

    Have you already scanned it? You're saying it's a 10 MP size file, that is (?) If you have not yet scanned it are just anticipating 10 MP, whether that is enough depends on how large you want to print it. The lab I go to usually wants 300 pixels per inch with their printers. So if you wanted a 36" x 12" for example, your image may have to be 10,800 pixels by 3600 pixels. I use Chrome in San Diego; their website is if you want to check them out.

    if you are trying to enlarge a digital file btw, I believe the act is called up-rezing (not 100% sure..) and PhotoShot can do it. You are supposed to go in increments, say double, then double again, then double again,.. etc. until you reach the size you need.

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    Re: Where to print large format custom prints?

    Shutterfly may be? I don't know any other popular printing company, may be there are better alternatives, who knows. Anyways, you can always read the reviews first, these shutterfly reviews are the most adequate and fair.

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