My elderly 88 year old mother has had a digital camera for a few years (Panasonic Lumix). She is okay with using the camera, but canít get the hang of transferring photos to the computer, resizing them, emailing etc. Her computer knowledge is basically non-existent (despite attending a few beginnersí courses) Ė she can use a web browser and email from outlook, but thatís about it. She has no concept of how a computer organises information in a directory tree and how you create folders and retrieve information from them.

Does anyone know of any very simple software where she could automatically import photos when the camera is plugged in (it is beyond her to manually select the camera SD card), allow her to visually organise photos in albums, resize / email them all in one program? I would be willing to consider any windows or Linux software.

I would really like to get something sorted as soon as possible, since I live a long way away and it really frustrates her not being able to email her photos to people etc