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Thread: Which Software?

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    Which Software?

    I know that is a pretty broad question, but here is what i am trying to figure out and any help or insight would be appreciated.

    I am currently using NX2 free trial to see if i like it, but it is painfully slow. I like the images it puts out and it works well with my Nikon NIF files but it is frustrating.

    I also have and old version of photoshop elements on the computer which seems to work faster but has no where near the capabilties of the NX2.

    So my questions is, is it worth getting the NX2 official version or would something like Lightroom or CS4 be a better investment?

    Also i am asuming that Lightroom and CS4 handle NIF files,is that correct.


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    Re: Which Software?

    Or get a faster computer. How old is your current one?

    I believe you might mean NEF files. CS2 imports them so I assume later versions do also. I haven't used CS3 or 4 but in general I'm not too impressed with PS' sharpening capabilities: I have Corel PhotoPaint and think it does a better job than my PS CS2 . I hear that they have a new sharpening function (CS3+) that's better, though.

    Someone else needs to chime in on Lightroom ..

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    Re: Which Software?

    Pixelmator is a fast and powerful image editing software for the Mac operating system. With its intuitive and beautiful Graphical User Interface (GUI), support for layers to organize your document, a large assortment of painting tools, and simple-to-use photo correction tools Ė Pixelmator is an excellent pick for Mac users who donít quite need the features (and price tag) of Photoshop.

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