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    Question about camera info on an image

    I wasnt sure where else to ask this.

    I know you can get camera info(model, aperture, f-stop, etc) from an image you have on your computer that you took. but this time I need info from an image thats on someones facebook. To make a long story short, I believe this girl I work with stole my camera and shes been posting new pictures on her FB that look like my cameras quality but I cant prove it. I have or well had a canon powershot. Now it is stolen by some girl. I saved one of her pics but it doesnt tell me any camera info. I dont think theres a way to do this I searched online but didnt find anything. I just had to ask and hopefully someone can help me! I'd appreciate any help. thanks.

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    Re: Question about camera info on an image


    I think what you need is some sort of unique identifier in the EXIF data that states exactly what camera the image was taken with. Check out this thread:

    Alas, the EXIF data is removable, either deliberately by someone in post processing, or by the web site when you upload the image (I am not sure if Facebook does this, but some sites to. I do know that Ritz Camera did this when you uploaded an image to them for printing).

    Another question: do you have the serial number of the stolen camera? If you have the original pamphlets that come with the box, it may be written on one of them. If you do then the Police may be able to help.

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    Re: Question about camera info on an image

    facebook does remove the exif. You could ask her to send you an original (in a tactful way of course), and check it there, then verify by asking her what kind of camera she used, if she says something different than what the exif says, well....

    Personally, and depending of course on circumstance, I would confront her about it. Tactfully, but, if there are no other possible suspects, you can state something in a way that shows you know, at the very least it could make her feel awkward or guilty or something, maybe she'll even give it back.

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