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    Preview of some CS6 magic...

    I am no better than you. I critique to teach myself to see.
    Feel free to edit my photos or do anything else that will help me learn.
    Sony/Minolta - way more gear than talent.

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    Re: Preview of some CS6 magic...

    Thanks Terry, but I just posted this note on that site:

    After Adobe’s snake-oil media presentation of Content Aware a few years ago, where they showed everyone how great it was in removing trees and things, and where many artists found out after the bought it that it *wasn’t even close* to as good as their dog and pony show claimed, can we really believe these demos??

    Maybe a little harsh, but false advertising must be dealt with as such.
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    Feel free to edit and repost my photos as part of your critique.

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    Re: Preview of some CS6 magic...

    In all fairness, I remember the examples they used to show off the CA tool, and they were certainly examples that enabled it to work. I find it to be very useful provided I understand that it's not going to work miracles, but rather simplify a handful of tasks.
    mostly Nikon gear

    Feel free to edit my images for critique, just let me know what you did.

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