Just wanted to point you guys to an app I wrote for photo management / cataloging.

It started out as a pet project when there weren't any other viable options at the time (about 4 years ago).

It doesn't have photo editing capabilities, but it does have a lot of features around searching (by EXIF information like F Stop, aperture size, subject distance etc), uploading to ftp, flickr, picasa web, smugmug etc.

You can configure your own shortcuts to launch an external editor to edit the photo directly from the app.

You can also email directly from the app. It will track what was emailed or uploaded so you don't resend the same photos to the same place.

You can view a map of where the photo was taken if there is GPS info embedded in the photo.

Note, it only supports jpg and tiff... unfortunately no RAW support (way too much work).

Its totally free... although I am toying with the idea of making it ad supported to recoup some of my 4 year investment in it

It's written in Java (you'll need Java 1.6) so will run on Windows, OSX or Linux.

you can download it from http://www.snapalog.com

Any feedback (good or bad) would be appreciated!