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    Senior Member armando_m's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Guadalajara Mexico

    paintshop pro $40 dlls

    Saw this at the corel web page ...

    mayeb some can take advantage of the very low price

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    May 2009
    Sacramento, CA, USA

    Re: paintshop pro $40 dlls

    Wow, looks like they just released a new version and are trying to get some sales to market it? Or at least, I thought X2 was the current version and they're now selling X3. BTW they're selling both the normally 79 pro and 99 ultimate versions for $39.

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    Feb 2004
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    Re: paintshop pro $40 dlls

    PSP is a pretty good app too, or so I hear ... I haven't used it in about 10 years.
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    banished Don Schaeffer's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
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    Re: paintshop pro $40 dlls

    I use PSP X3 as my principle software. I love it. Handles raw and HDR aand does some wonderful things very simply.

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