Apparently I'm missing something, or else misunderstanding a post I found on this elsewhere.

I'm trying to experiment with Picture Control settings on my D7000, but of course opening a RAW file in Photoshop is, well, RAW; no Picture Control applied. If you want Photoshop to get the Picture Control version, you have to open the camera's JPG.

Opening the RAW file in NX2 applies the Picture Control, so you get RAW processing and Picture Control together. I'm better with Photoshop than I am with NX2, though, so looking for how to get that combination into PS, I found a forum post elsewhere that said to set up "Open With" in the NX2 menus, add Photoshop to that list, and when I get an image up in NX2, I pick it, tell it Open With, and it transfers a 16-bit TIFF to PS.

Except it doesn't. PS comes up in the Camera RAW dialog, with no Picture Control applied, just as if I'd opened the file directly.

I have found that converting to 16-bit TIFF in NF2 and then going to PS and opening it will get me the TIFF file over there, but it's not the same as NX2 sending it from its menus like I understood it was supposed to do. Doing Open With even after converting brings up Camera RAW in PS.

Am I missing something, or is convert, switch apps, and open the only way to do this?