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    need help with captioning in photoshop elements

    Hi, I can't get photoshop elements to accept any keywords from my sony a350 camera. It has no problem with my Nikon cameras, but won't let me do it with the sony. I've tried changing to PDF, doing it after saving to a different file, etc. Has anybody experienced anything similar, or have a solution.

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    Re: need help with captioning in photoshop elements

    What do you mean by keywords from your camera? - TF
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    Re: need help with captioning in photoshop elements

    How are you moving the photos to the PC? Are the files coming over as read only?

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    Re: need help with captioning in photoshop elements

    Are you speaking of the shooting information as in EXIF data from the camera?

    If so with a Sony camera you may just need an update of Elements (may have to buy a newer version) to recognize some of the data.

    There is a RAW compatibility problem with many versions of Elements as those versions were developed before the Sony's were available.

    1. What version of Adobe Photoshop Elements are you using?
    2. Are you referring to the EXIF data?
    3. Some data in cameras isn't transferred.
    4. Sony DSLR's display a lot of help information and slide show information that is not part of the regular image file. In order to retain some of that data will require transferring with Sony Software if it even is transferable.

    The built in help files and 'manuals' aren't part of what gets transmitted out of the camera.

    Is there something else you are trying to retain or save?
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