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    Monitor calibration - Which one?

    I have the monitor calibrator called Colorvision Spyder 3. I have a mac and two PCs. I have used Spyder 3 for a while and I have noticed that the colors are different on all three screens. I assume the purpose of a monitor calibrator is that the photographer sees the same colors his/her clients will see...Anyway.
    I have decided to get a new calibrator. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. My budget is 150-400.
    What monitor calibrator can you recommend. I do wedding photography and I shoot a lot of Indian weddings where true colors are essential.


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    Re: Monitor calibration - Which one?

    Frankly unless you step it up to a color accurate monitor, as well your calibration result wont be any better. I have a spider 3, eye one and a huey. I currently use the eye one on my 30 inch HP zr30w which is 99 percent of the adobe rgb gamut (and 30 inches). I also have a 24 inch lacie. I would seriously condsider a better screen for color accuracy rather then trying to get a different result with a similar color calibration tool. Ive had a 30 inch apple screen and when dragging images across the screen the skin tones would change. But to answer your question in my opinion the EYE one display 2 is the best calibrator on the market right now.

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    Nikonowhore zerodog's Avatar
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    Re: Monitor calibration - Which one?

    It could be monitor issues alone as SuperJ says. Or just in your technique using your Spyder. Or it could be different angles to your ambient light.

    I have a Color Munki and really like it. It improved my printing more than anything else. And my monitor is Poo. I need a serious upgrade in that dept. I get much better color and brightness out of my prints after calibration. I am just looking at something on the screen that looks closer to what I would be printing on my printer.

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