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    Lightroom 2.7 ACR 5.7 DNG 5.7

    ADOBE has made these three update official and promoted them from Release Candidate status.

    Lightroom 2.7 addresses several fixes for errors/bugs from preceding versions and adds some new cameras.

    Adobe Camera RAW 5.7 and Digital Negative Converter 5.7 add several cameras to the list of those supported for RAW conversion for use in Adobe Photoshop products. ACR 5.7 is a plug-in module for Photoshop CS4 and certain PS Elements versions.

    DNG 5.7 is a free standalone tool to convert RAW files to DNG functionality for use in Photoshop products and for use in across platform applications.

    The download page is available from ADOBE at this link for both Windows and Macintosh formats:

    Adobe Updates (link on right hand side of page)

    Windows specific update links:
    Lightroom 2.7
    ACR 5.7 Photoshop Plug-in
    DNG 5.7 Free utility

    Macintosh specific update links:
    Lightroom 2.7
    ACR 5.7 Photoshop Plug-in
    DNG 5.7 Free utility
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    Re: Lightroom 2.7 ACR 5.7 DNG 5.7

    Post it in the news, too!

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